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Therapeutic Education


Have you ever walked out of the Doctor's office feeling confused and anxious? You probably didn't have enough time to process all the information you were given. Maybe the Doctor used some technical terms and medical jargon, that you didn't understand, and you were just too polite to interrupt, or too shy to ask about. As an emotional and intelligent species, we human beings have the need to be in charge of certain things in our life. Our own body, health and our lifestyle choices are some of those things. The Doctor may suggest a treatment plan, but ultimately, it is your decision. You are the one who gets to choose if, how and when you receive the treatment. When faced with making life changing decisions, it helps to have all the relevant information before you. At in4MED, we provide clients with the information needed to make informed decisions. Here are some of the things we can help with:


- Helping clients and their caregivers evaluate treatment options


- Educating clients about their specific illness or surgical procedures


- Educating clients on aftercare and lifestyle modifications to

  make their day to day life safer and easier


- Conveying complicated medical language to simple layman terms


- All educational sessions are tailored to be age appropriate (for children / elderly), accommodate those with special needs or disabilities


- We use a wide range of educational media like charts, pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and audio recordings in order to facilitate better learning outcomes


All our services are available in 4 languages (English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi)



Patient Education is the process by which healthcare professionals impart information to patients and their caregivers that will alter their  health  behaviours or improve their  health  status.

We provide patients with health education and resources through an interactive and individualised teaching-learning experience. This helps patients to become informed healthcare consumers and their own best advocate.

We can explain complex medical information in simple language. We use videos, pictures and flowcharts to help you understand medical problems.

We can also direct you to the best online resources, books and journals to ensure your continued education.


We can explain medical issues to children, adolescents and the elderly, in an age appropriate manner.


We can help you understand genetic abnormalities and patterns. Whether it's a disease process or a complex surgical procedure, if you want it explained, we will do our very best to make sure all your questions are answered. 

in4MED offers comprehensive one-to-one personalised services.  Appointments are available 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday excepting public holidays. In person consultations are available within the Kitchener-Waterloo region.  Consultations take place in the comfort of the client's own home or chosen location. If you reside outside the Kitchener-Waterloo region, we are willing to consult with you over Skype.


Duration: 1hr

To book an appointment or to schedule a FREE no obligation 15 min phone consultation, contact us today!

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