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Personal Health Portfolio


Having a copy of your personal medical history and all your test results for yourself could potentially save valuable time and resources during an emergency.


Consider this scenario: What if you showed up for a specialist appointment and your referring doctor's office forgot to send a copy of one important test result to the specialist? You probably waited 6 months to get that specialist appointment, and then on the day, the specialist is missing vital information, which is not your fault at all! What a waste of time and resources! This could have been avoided if you had a copy of all your test results with you. 

Here's another scenario: You have an important doctor's appointment. The doctor asks you some questions about your parents and sibling's health, and suddenly you are confused about their actual diagnosis or the year in which they were diagnosed. The doctor asks you about previous medications that you were on, and unfortunately, you can't remember the name of the pills because you only carried your current prescription with you, and you stopped taking those pills 4 months ago. The doctor could ask you any number of relevant questions, that could impact their choice of treatment recommendations for you. You need to be prepared to answer such questions. If you had your personal health portfolio with you, you could easily refer to it and confidently provide your doctor with all the information they need.

These are just two of many unfortunate events related to inefficiencies in sharing of medical information. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid them. All you have to do is get your own health portfolio!


We schedule an appointment with you to discuss and gather all pertinent information about your health. This may take anything between 1-3 hrs. We then collate all the information and prepare a binder for you. This binder is divided into multiple sections for easy use along with tabs and an index. 

We contact your healthcare providers, laboratories and medical imaging centers to request and acquire copies of all your previous health records and tests results. 

With your permission, if you are unable to do so, we can contact family members to request key medical information from them.

All this information is then carefully collated and presented to you as your complete healthcare portfolio. We do not retain any of your personal health records or information of any kind. The portfolio is your property and yours to share with others as and when desired.

To book an appointment or to schedule a FREE no obligation 15 min phone consultation, contact us today!

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